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Wish you had more time to do the things you enjoy? Now you can with Nationwide Cleaners new House Nanny Service. Our House Nanny Service covers Housecleaning, Changing Bed Sheets, Laundry, Dishes, and even Pet Services. We don't want just anyone in our house, and neither do you, thats why all of our House Nannies are background checked and Drug tested. They are also covered by our insurance policy, against damage and theft, so you know your house is in good hands. House Nanny Serivces are available with your choice of weekly or bi-weekly visits. Each House Nanny Service includes a Week A and Week B. We alternate some of our services to make sure your house stays clean, while we complete the other scheduled chores in the time allotted. All Packages are customizable to fit your home and your schedule.






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Week B Includes

Light House Keeping

(Faceplates/light switches, Base Boards, and Door Handles)

Light Kitchen Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning (Full and 1/2 Bath)

Change Bed Sheets (up to 2 Beds)

Laundry (1 Basic, 1 Standard)

Dishes (1 Basic)

Walk/Take Out Dog


Week A Includes                                                          Light House Keeping                                                     (Cob webs, Fans, Picture Frames, and Plants)           Light Kitchen Cleaning                                                   Bathroom Cleaning (Master and 1/2 Bath)               Change Bed Sheets (up to 2 Beds)                             Laundry (1 Basic, 1 Standard)                                     Dishes (1 Basic)

Walk/Take Out Dog

Back to School Special


     4 Bedroom up to 2000 sq/ft 2 1/2 Bath House

             includes up to 135 minutes of labor

Light House Cleaning
Laundry Service

By using a 2-Part Cleaning System, (Week A and Week B) We are able to keep your House Clean even while offering so many extra benefits. Your House Nanny will Clean your 1/2 bath every visit to keep the most used bathroom sparkling, then we alternate your Master and Full Bath to keep all the Bathrooms Clean for a great price. We also Alternate changing bed sheets and other light House Cleaning Duties to keep everything in shape, including your wallet. 


Who wants to do the Dishes? 


We Do!


Standard Dishwashing Service

Hand Wash/Rinse, Load Dishwasher, and RunDishwasher


Premium Dishwashing Service

Hand Wash/Rinse, Load Dishwasher, Run Dishwasher, Put Dishes Away


Enjoy more of your weekend and leave the Laundry to us.


Basic Laundry includes: Wash and Dry

Standard Laundry includes: Wash, Dry and Fold

Premium Laundry includes: Sort, Pre-Treat,Wash, Dry, Fold/Hang up and put away.

Pet Services

Always running home on your break to let the dogs out?

Feeling Sad about leaving your dogs in their cage all day?


We will let your dogs out once we arrive, and once right before we leave. We can also change their water and feed them. We can also let them stay out while we are there if you would like.

Yard clean up also available (extra Cost)


Breed and Temperament Dependant 

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